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COVID-19 Response Page

2021 Season Q & A

We have created the following questions and answers are for the upcoming Spring 2021 Brea Little League season in light of the current COVID-influenced realities. 

UPDATED as of 12/18/2020

The Big Questions: 

Will there be a season? 

We are very hopeful we will have a regular season for the spring of 2021 and are currently planning on it. 

How do I enroll my child in Brea Little League? 

You can register your child by going to our website and clicking on the Spring 2021 Registration link here. 

What will the season look like? 

We hope that the season will look as normal as possible while also following the guidelines put in place for us. We are only required to play a 12 game season and do everything we can to make that happen 

When will the season start? 

The season will start March 1st if we are given the green light to begin playing games. 

When will the season end? 

The regular season will run up to Memorial Day weekend unless we need stop and push games back. 

What happens if the City/County/State shuts down Little League? 

If we get shut down for any reason we will do our best to return to play as soon as possible. Our refund policy will be as follows: Once teams have been selected your initial $50 deposit will not be refunded. If we are unable to play games and have not ordered uniforms your remaining balance will be refunded ($100) Once we order uniforms there will not be any refunds.

Financial Questions: 

What is the approximate cost per child this season? 

This season we will be dropping the registration fee to $150 which is the lowest we can go and still be able to get the season started. The $150 will cover the cost of uniforms, insurance, Little League fees and city field usage fees. 

What is the deposit for? 

This year we will only be charging a $50 deposit at the time of registration and this will secure your player a spot on a team. The remaining balance will be due once we place your player is placed on a team. 

Can I get a refund on my deposit? 

You will be entitled to a full refund of your deposit if we are not able to get the season started. 

Will there be any additional fees once the league fee is paid? 

Yes. This year we will be requiring all players to participate in fundraising for the league once we know we will be able to play games. 

Why won’t there be sibling discounts this season? 

Unfortunately due to the lower per player registration fee we will be unable to offer any type of sibling discount. 

Safety Questions: 

How is Brea Little League going to keep everyone safe? 

We as a league will follow the guidelines put out by the CDC and Little League International. 

How can I protect my family and others in the next season? 

You can do your part by following the guidelines set forth by the CDC, Little League International and Brea Little League. 

Do you have a policy regarding possible COVID exposure?

We are still working on our policy for possible exposure but in the meantime we will be following the guidance of the CDC, Little League International and the City of Brea 

Will masks be required? 

Yes masks will be required when we are unable to maintain social distancing. 

What should I do if my Little Leaguer comes into contact with someone who may be positive for COVID? 

If you or your Little Leaguer should contract the virus or come in contact with someone who has you will need to notify the league as soon as possible. 

How are COVID cases and COVID exposure reported and to whom? 

Cases and exposure should be reported to our safety officer and or our league president. We will then make all necessary and appropriate notifications to the team and league. We will not disclose names. 

Player Questions: 

How will teams be determined? 

All teams will be selected in the same manner as in years past. Players will be put in divisions based on their league age for the 2021 season. No players will be held back based on the loss of last season. 

Will there be tryouts? 

Yes we will have tryouts. How they will look is still to be determined. We will have a questionnaire that each player will need to answer before they are allowed to try out. For example: Have you been sick? Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid? We may also be checking each player's temperature. 

When will practices start? 

Practices are tentatively slated to start Feb. 1st. 

What will practices look like? 

Practices will look as normal as possible. We have been conducting fall practices with about 8 teams and all has gone well. 

When do games start? 

We will hopefully be able to start games the first week in March but will be flexible with the possibility of a later start date. 

What will games look like?

Games will look as normal as possible but may have a few changes. Once we get the final word on those changes will let everyone know. 

Parent Questions: 

Are parents going to be allowed at practices? At games? 

As of now parents will be allowed at games but may need to sit in the outfield areas as we may need to utilize the bleachers for the players to able social distance. 

Will parents be allowed to participate as helpers during practices or games? 

As we have done in the past all volunteers will need to fill out a volunteer application and complete the online background check before they can help on the field in ant capacity. 

Miscellaneous Questions: 

Will the snack shacks be open, and will parents have to volunteer? 

As of right now we will not be allowed to open our snackbars. If things change we will notify everyone and parents will be required to help run them just like in years past. 

Will there be an opening day? 

Unfortunately I do not see a scenario where we can have an opening day. 

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not covered in this FAQ? 

If you have any more questions you can email League President Ray Gonzalez at